Monday, June 27, 2011

Love Story – Erich Segal

Millionaire Oliver Barrett IV is in love with a social zero Jenny Cavilleri. (The world’s comparison is always of financial). Oliver is studying at Harvard. He wants to take his career in law. Jenny is studying music at Radcliffe. It was Oliver’s pastime to put grades for the girl’s leg in the library. (As lectures put grade for students what else the student can do). (Then what to do in library) As she passed of Oliver’s ranking he asked to join for a coffee. From a coffee the love starts. (There would be some relation between coffee and love) For each and everything they have different opinions but they understand each other. The only thing they have common is with no limit they love each other.

As of every love story opposition from parents would be a thing here also. (Where else they can show their strengths). Oliver father opposed but Jenny’s father does not put line for her. They get married after getting the degree. To pursue Oliver’s career she dropped her plan of studying in Paris and went to work. (Always the female has to quit the dreams for his man sake). Oliver passed law in flying colours and joined to work. And then Jenny died at the young age.

We would see the characters of this story are of us or of characters daily we see in our real life. The characters what they spoke are also like that of in our day to day life. If you are in love are or not that matters, you would enjoy the Love Story.(If it is good can you do the opposite)

It’s a distinctly Harvard thing to be able to turn any defeat into victory.

How she loved the simple things in life.

“But he’s a busy man. Doesn’t he run lot of banks and things?”
“Jesus, Jenny, whose side are you on?”
“Is this a war?” she asked.
“Most definitely”, I replied.
“That’s ridiculous, Oliver.”

“You’re staying for dinner. That’s an order.”
“We can’t sir,” I replied.
“We have to, Oliver,” said Jenny.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because I’m hungry”. She said.

“You bug him and bug him and bug him”, she said.
“It’s mutual, Jen.

A father’s love is to be cherished and respected. It’s rare.

“Why are you so heavy?” I asked her.
“Did you ever think I might be pregnant?” she answered.

Just learn to like spaghetti.

It is not all that easy to make a baby.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

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  1. I dont like coffee... But i like love...
    I think there is no relation between coffee and love... And there is a relation between the calm place(restraunt) and the 2 loving hearts... :)