Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Letter to ....

13-05-2013 11:05 pm
I am fond of writing letter. Even though it interest me the blockades came into the mind are to whom I am going to write.  And what I am going to write in that letter. This blockade stopped writing letter from my little age. But today I overcame those blockades and writing this letter.  So it would not be addressed to anyone and so as the subject of the matter I do not have in mind till this time.  It would be easy to write whatever the content which came into my mind.  This is my letter so I have an authority to write whatever I wish.  So I started.
Do you know one thing, in my childhood days my thoughts were different from by fellow beings?  Many times I had a thought they are different and thinking incorrectly.  Nowadays only I had understood that I am only indifferent.  Even with this difference how I had coexistence with them or they had coexisted with me? Is their mercy made to coexist or I am not strong enough so coexisted with them?  This is a million dollar question which I had no answer?  The only thing I know is they simply not consider me as their fellow being.
But this consideration by them had not changed up my mind.  And I thought of changing the world as to my thinking.  And I thought I am working towards it.  And I also thought I am succeeding in this mission. But of lately I think lately is not also correct in this usage.  So now thinking of which word can be used instead of lately. With a great effort spend on thinking which word can be used I formed the mind to the below words.  But now I found I had not moved even an inch towards my goal.  My aim my goal my desire had not moved anywhere.  Just it found a place as it was when I made up my plan.
For this I have to do to what? I have to succeed.  Two solutions came up to my mind.  The first one is to change the plan and make the plan according to nature of the society.  This my mind did not agree with this solution. So I dropped this plan.  So I am going to follow the second solution.
What is the second solution that would be your question to me? Am I correct!  Yes indeed now a great success because now only you and I agreed with a point.  And I also found what is in your mind.  Ok now I am going to tell you the second solution.  This solution is only acceptable to be.  And also I am not afraid of that you would accept it.  My mind is framed to accept this solution. 
Be not change plan.  Even though till day you cannot move it there will be a one day you would move towards your goal.  The days are very near.  So do not quit it.  So go with it.
I am hearing your voices and voices of surroundings that Get Lost.  So now I am leaving.  I will come another day and tell how I am going to proceed with my plan.  And what you would get on execution of my plan.  How the world and you and your people get enriched in terms of mind and health? 
The day I am going to write the next letter may be immediate or may be long or so long.  But definitely write you a letter again.  And I am also eagerly waiting for your reply.  Even though I would not get reply I write to you.
For this time being a good bye.
Ever yours