Tuesday, May 14, 2013

14-05-2013 06:57pm
The time duration between the previous letter and this letter is minimal hours only.  It had not passed even a day from my letter.  From this what you know?  You may come to a conclusion that I am fond of writing letter so whenever time permits I am writing the letter.  Or you may consider that I am not doing any work and sitting idle.  Whatever be your conclusion it is not going to have any interference in my thought.
In this letter I am going to tell a story.  This may be a story told by someone or may not be story of my own. I can remember it.  So it would be easy in considering that the story is told by someone.   Now here is the story.
 There was a young man.  He is young so he is energetic, charming and put whatever the adjective you want.  It is better to put good adjectives while describing someone.  If we describe someone with good qualities even though they do not have on hearing those they may tend to acquire those good qualities. So always describe others with good words.  And now we are going out the story.  Let we come into the story.
That young man was sad.  So he wandered the city in search of a god man.  He thought the god man can drove away his sadness from him.  And he would fill happiness within him.  Many people you may be also one who might gone to see god man for some purposes.  So as of the societal norms he also went to see the god man. 
He asked the reason for his sadness.  The god man replied do not carry the past with you.  And also do not carry the future which you do not have the control in it.  Leave away those things.  These things are causing the weight in you.  When you left these things your mind will be free and as light as a small particle.
The young man got enlightened from those words.  And after that he was ever in joy.  He is on his eternal joy.
Now this is the time you have to hear my words if you want to be enlightened.  So follow my letters ever and enlightened.  I will walk you through the joy that would be eternal.
This is the time to finish this letter so let we meet in next letter.
Bye until my next letter received by you.  It might be sooner or longer which I do not have any control.
Have nice time until.
Ever Yours

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