Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Words that does not meant what it means

15-05-2013 10:15 am
I was thinking about some past events.  I came across a verbal fight between a two people on what one said about another.  Actually it does not mean what it meant to the one who started the fight.  The fight started without the knowledge what is the meaning of the expression.  So my mind thought of writing a letter.  So this letter is written to you within the short span of time.
The day was fine. It is not fine to pay fine. Why single words have different meanings?  How we understand the meaning correctly?  The context plays the role in determining the meaning.  We express our views by speaking.  What we speak is to be taken within the context it is expressed.  But if not that would cause problems with people.  The understanding of the correct meaning is to know about the situation that made one to say like that also a concern to get its correct meaning.  Just taking a literal meaning would not enough.
So do not rush into a conclusion from the literal meaning.  Find out what is expressed by the one.  Let we get the real.  And not be in different world that was not.
Let you be stay with me in my next letter.
Leaving you until my next letter reaches you.
Have a nice time as the day is fine.
Ever yours

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